I’m Chandré, former small town girl turned big city performer.

About Chandre Bo - The voice of Travel and Lifestyle Blog City ChroniclesI function somewhere in between being a performer, a writer and a wife. While doing those things I’m also trying to keep our two Boston Terrier puppies, happy and bring life to our fixer-upper home. I am an academically certified film buff, drama geek and the voice behind the sometimes serious, mostly funny blog “Making It!”.


Somewhere in between trying to navigate life as an independent woman, artist and wife I felt the need to create a space  to engage with like minded women, to share my own experiences and those of others. I’m hoping that this space is one where you can be inspired to see the world, try something new, and find advice on something you need. Or just be inspired by the wonderful woman I feature here from time to time.

Here on City Chronicles you can find tips for life in general, life in Johannesburg and my experiences while traveling with my adrenaline junkie husband.

Have a look around, and join the conversation.