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We aren’t really “weekend getaway’ people. Perhaps because over the last few years we’ve spent weekends writing¬†postgraduate dissertations, raising puppies or working on our “fixer-upper” house. After working straight through December we decided that our January wedding anniversary would be the perfect excuse to rest our weary bodies for a weekend and head off a mini-adventure.


1. Know what you want from your weekend

We wanted to relax, reconnect, and have a glass of wine and go for a run in a pretty setting. Usually we are up for the adrenaline fueled, adventure type pack your sportsbras kind of trip, but that wasn’t what we needed from this weekend. So know what you want to do, and book where and when you will go accordingly. As you don’t have a lot of time to be moving from place to place try to go somewhere you can do what you want to do in one place. Be it going for a massage and cocktail, or bird watching and a hike.

2. Keep it close

You are only heading out for a weekend. So don’t go too far away. Ideally you don’t want to be driving at night on a Friday, and you don’t want to start your trip tired from a long drive. Even flying takes a large chunk of time out of your weekend. Time that you could be spending doing other things. It’s a weekend getaway, so save those voyager miles and petrol money for your long holiday.


3. Stay for Sunday

Essentially staying on Sunday evening adds a whole extra day to your weekend getaway. You can lie-in on Sunday without worrying about having to pack to make your checkout time. You can enjoy that beer with lunch without worrying about the drive back home. Rather spend your Sunday well, and get up early to go back home, and back to work on Monday morning. Mondays are a mad dash at any rate, so enjoy your Sunday, and start your Monday early and well-rested.

If you abide by point 2, then getting back to work on Monday in time for your job shouldn’t be too difficult.


4. Pack Minimally

How many pairs of shoes and highlighters do you really need for a weekend. You know you are just going to have to put them all away again on Monday evening. Ideally you want to pack quickly for the trip, be able to pack up quickly again on Monday morning, and unpack by throwing the contents of you suitcase in your laundry basket. Boom. But do remember the sun screen.


5. Enjoy the Planning

Half of the fun of a holiday is planning it. Whether you are spending two weeks on the French Cot’Azure, or going to a little BnB two towns over. Take the time to check out TripAdvisor. Have fun deciding what you want to see, and where you want to go. It’s a fun process, and pouring over ideas of what to do is a great way to get to know the person you are taking your mini-adventure with.

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Love the photos in this post?

They were all taken at Shangri-La Country Hotel and Spa during our quick Weekend Getaway in January.

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