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Meeting people that inspire you to take risks and go for your dreams can change the course of your life. That is why I’m excited to publish another post about a strong woman who is both smart and talented. Once a Pretoria musician and student performing in her home town and in Johannesburg, Ebeneze relocated to Cape Town two and half years ago where she carries on as a singer/songwriter. We recently got together to chat about what inspired her to make music. And how she manages her life as a muso and  a veterinarian in Somerset West.

Ebeneze: Musing over her Music and Writing

What got you started writing music?

Ebeneze: When I was a kid I was always making up silly little songs and holding concerts. To whoever wanted to, or didn’t want to listen. I think my first song was about a space ship – you will have to pay me lots of money to sing that one in public now. I guess it just made sense to learn how to play the guitar to package my songs into something more palatable.

How do you balance your life as a musician and veterinarian?

Ebeneze: I don’t sleep much (haha).  I am lucky to have very lenient working hours (by veterinary standards) so I get time to do the music thing. Most of my performances happen at night though. I guess if you’re willing to put in the effort you can have 2 careers. I think most musicians in South Africa have a day job too.

What inspires your writing, Ebeneze?

Ebeneze: Whatever I find around me. Sometimes it’s an article I’ve read, sometimes it’s a TV show or a line in another song.  Sometimes it is something as simple as a bug and at other times it is exploring the deepest and darkest emotions of being human.

What is your favourite thing about performing?

Ebeneze: Seeing a person’s face when they connect to my song.

How does the singer/songwriter music scene differ from Johannesburg/Pretoria to Cape Town?

I started out doing open mic events in Johannesburg a few years back. There was seldom a full audience at a show.  I find that the Cape Town audiences are much more engaging. I don’t know if it is the salt in the air or the threat of being without water soon, but people are much more willing to go out and support live music. Even on a week night here.  I didn’t perform that much in Pretoria when I was still living there. It is nice to do a Pretoria gig when I go there now.  It is always a bit of a reunion of friends now, so those are definitely the best audiences to play for.

Where are your favourite places to perform? 

Ebeneze: I am performing at Rocking the daisies for the first time this year so I’m pretty sure that is going to be my new favorite, but for now:
Triggerfish Brewery because it is about 5 minutes drive from my house and the vibe is always amazing.  My other favorite Cape Town venue is The House of Machines and in Pretoria Railways Cafe definitely takes the cake.

What tips do you have for those who wanted to perform their own music?

Ebeneze: Just get out there and start doing it.  There are many open mic events around or record a video with a cellphone and put yourself out there.  If you wait for your songs to be perfect they will never get released.  And you get better as you go along.

What does the future hold in store for Ebeneze?

Ebeneze: I’m currently in studio working on new music.  I will be releasing a series of singles over the course of the next year.  The first release is an acoustic version of a song called “Dance”. It is the prequel to the studio version which will be released later this year.  It is super personal because I wrote it as a wedding gift for my husband.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to record it at first but he and everyone else I mentioned the idea to encouraged me to record the song. So I thought what the heck, why not.
My first single “Aion” is set for release next week  on all online platforms so keep your eyes and ears peeled. I’m also really excited to be playing at Rocking the Daisies (as I mentioned earlier!). I will be performing at the hemp Stage on Friday 6 October at 12 in the afternoon. So if you are at the show, come and listen!
To get in touch with the music and follow Ebeneze on her journey CLICK HERE to see her Facebook page, and CLICK HERE for her Instagram.

 Check out the acoustic release of her newest single “Dance”:

Ebeneze: Musing over her Music and Writing
Ebeneze: Musing over her Music and Writing

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