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Let’s be honest, when you have wanderlust in your veins, your pockets are usually empty. Flights, accommodation, car rental, meals and activities all cost money. I’ve had friends ask me how we are able to afford to travel as much as we do. There are two things that make our travel possible.

Firstly, travel is a big priority in our little household. We are always planning and saving for the next big adventure. Even if that means not going out as much, or not buying those designer jeans I’ve been drooling over for the past year. Thank you instagram ads.

Secondly, we are smart when we travel. And one of our smart tools is Travelstart. Which means that we are able to book cheap flights.  The flights are almost always the most expensive part of the trip.

How we use Travelstart

The first step is always deciding where we want to go, and when we want to go. So instead of floating around on the websites for different airlines, crossing our fingers and hoping for the best we go to Travelstart’s website.

You enter where you want to go to, from where, and your dates then Travelstart gives you all the flights, and the bests deals available. So you can find the best prices for a quick flight to Cape Town, or a long haul across the equator in the same places with nothing more than a few clicks. In need of a rental car or a place to crash? Fill in the parameters and click to get compared rates for different hotels or car rental companies. It really is that simple.


And I’m betting you didn’t think about travel insurance yet either? We almost always purchase our Travel insurance along with our flight tickets on the website.


What we like about it

I like that the searches are super customisable. You can limit a search to a specific airport, or widen your search to include a whole city. Looking for cheap flights to Johannesburg? You you can compare deals to OR Tambo or Lanseria all in one search. Had a bad experience with an airline’s fish? You can remove all their flights from your search. Or specify flights that don’t have a layover if you are in a hurry.


They also have a whole bunch of extra services. Such as reminding you to add any required information to your flight ticket or buying rebookable flights if your travel dates need to be more flexible. If you are booking a trip abroad for yourself for the first time and you’re a little nervous, or if you have difficult travel specifications, then you can use their Premium Service Package to help you out.


Happy Birthday Travelstart

Continuing on the trend of two, I’m writing this post for two reasons: Firstly, this is a website that the husband and I use all the time and therefore one that I trust and recommend. From Brussels to Bloemfontein. Quite literally!

Secondly, Travelstart is celebrating their 11th Birthday with donuts and big, big specials. Got that wanderlust thing going on lately? CLICK HERE to see the specials and book that flight you’ve been wanting to take. 

Travelstart is also running competitions on their social media platforms, so be sure to check out their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram for more details.




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