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I got the opportunity to catch up with an old high school friend, and former dance classmate this week. Although the social call was a few years overdue, I drove to Pretoria to meet with Amore Meyer for more than just a cup of tea on a week-day afternoon.

Amore is one of the top 100 semi-finalists for Mrs South Africa 2017. We haven’t been in close contact for a few years, but you get to know someone quite well when you’ve spent an hour long class focusing only on pirouettes. From school days she has been one of those women who sparkles from within, with a quick smile and a kind word. Which is why I wanted to talk to her about her journey as a semi-finalist.

Patience and Grace: with Mrs South Africa semi-finalist Amore Meyer

On Love

To start off, I want to share this little clip, in Amore’s home language, that happened quite by accident. I hadn’t turned the camera off yet after our interview, and as we chatted, post-interview, she had the following to say about love:

On intentional living

Patience and Grace: with Mrs South Africa semi-finalist Amore Meyer

When I entered Amore’s home to set up for our interview, I immediately noticed the chalk board hanging on the living room wall.

As we started talking about her journey, faith and the general business of catching up on the last few years, a few topics kept on coming up in our conversation. One of which was intention, and living life with intention. Which brought us to the board.

The words written on them are almost a mantra for her every-day life. A constant reminder of the things she needs to focus on. Inspired by her faith, these words ground her daily existence and keep her focused on what is important to her.

Simple. Easy. Innocent. Free. Fun. Life.

As we discussed these words, Amore spoke about how these words lead her to the notions of patience and grace in her journey as a semi-finalist. For Amore these are concepts we should not only practice with each other as women and with our partners, but apply patience and grace to ourselves as well. Treating yourself to the same patience and grace that you treat those around you with is a concept she holds dear to her heart, and something that I’ve been mulling over a lot since our interview. But let her tell you in her own words!


Amore: The Interview

Here is the full interview we did earlier this week. Now you can get to know her, in her home.

If you enjoyed watching her interview as much as I enjoyed doing it follow her journey HERE! And don’t forget to vote.

Patience and Grace: with Mrs South Africa semi-finalist Amore Meyer




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