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Maybe it’s the poet in me, but I really enjoying writing cards. Whether its for a birthday, a wedding, or just a ‘get-well-soon’ I enjoy writing messages for people to read. I still keep all the cards I receive and stick in them into a big book. The messages and wishes written in them mean a lot to me, so even for a Christmas tag, I like to have the space to write something special. Which is why I decided to make these, rather large, Christmas-themed gift tags for presents delivered this past weekend.

This DIY is very quick to do, with bits and bobs you’ll most likely find lying around your house.


What you need to create your tags:

  • Some cardboard, and paper or cardboard of another colour
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • A punch. If you don’t have a pretty shaped punch a normal punch can work too!
  • Pens
  • A ruler. Or in my case my measuring tape
  • Some pretty ribbon, twine or yarn.
  • Anything pretty you would like to add onto your tags.


How to put it together

  1. I wanted space to write my messages on the back. So I made three large tags from one piece of cardboard. Dividing my cardboard into three equally sized strips, using my measuring tape, I penciled in the lines, so that I could get three equal rectangles.
  2. I used my pretty flower-shaped punch, that I bought for a full R15 rand from a local gifting store. Using some scrap white-paper, I punched out a lot of little white flowers to be used as decoration on my cardboard.
  3. Using the same flower punch, I punched  a hole in the top of the tag for the ribbon to go through.
  4. I then glued my white flowers on the blue tags. You can use your pretty bits and bobs to decorate, but remember to leave space to write names on.
  5. I used a simple black pen to write ‘To:’ and ‘From’ on the front of the tag. This leaves plenty of space on the back of the tag to write a heart-felt message.
  6. Lastly, thread your ribbon, twine or yarn through the punched to hole to attach the tag to your present


The finished product

Using the light blue card and the white flowers gave my tags a Christmas-feel as it looked a little like snowflakes to me. Using the same punch for the flower and for the whole that the ribbon went through gave the tags a sense of unity which I also liked. But you can use anything lying around your stationary drawer to make your tag pretty, and suited to the occasion.

DIY: Christmas-themed Gift Tags in 10 Minutes

This is a quick and simple DIY, which can add a little personal touch to your gift.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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