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I, like many other brides, became a little obsessed with ‘Mr and Mrs’ everything while planning my wedding. Don’t get me wrong, my feminist side hates the fact that as a woman my title changes simply because I’m married. Although I will admit that my romantic side took over during the wedding, my practical side kicked in and told me that a free-standing ‘Mrs’ sign on my bookshelf just takes up space and requires dusting. But then I found something cooler. A way for me to make a personalised doormat. Although I didn’t take my husband’s surname, I thought it would be a practical way to incorporate it into our home.

This is a simple DIY, that looks really professional, and doesn’t require all that much skill to add your surname to your home. All in a way that won’t look kitsch five years from now. The images I used in this tutorial are from a doormat I made as a wedding gift for friends who got married this weekend!



Suppleis necessary to DIY your own personalised doormat

  • A plain doormat. I’ve bought from Mr Price Home and Builder’s warehouse on different occasions. Remember, a slightly more expensive doormat will last longer, and shed less fibre all over your floor.
  • Black acrylic paint. Or whatever colour you feel will look cool.
  • A paintbrush.
  • A stencil of the lettering that you want to put on your mat.
  • About three hours of your time.



  1. I made my own stencil. Which is less complicated than you would think. To start with, I used A4 sheets of paper to estimate the size of the letters I needed. Then I printed them out in a font that I liked. When cutting the letters, it is important to focus on the white space making sure that the cuts are smooth and even, and not the printed letters themselves when you make the stencil.
  2. Then I secured my stencil lightly to the mat using blobs of prestik, making sure that the spacing was neat.personalised-doormat-stencil
  3. I then painted the letters with my black acrylic paint and paintbrush.
  4. After painting the letters, I carefully lifted the stencil off and removed any leftover prestik.
  5. Lastly, I hand-painted the letters to thicken the layer of paint so that the words read clearly.Filling in the letters by hand of the personalised doormat
  6. Finally: Let it dry.


It’s as simple as that. Although your new personalised doormat may take a day or two to dry completely before you can place it by your front door. Our doormat lasted for about a year before the lettering became less clear. To fix it, I simply got the black acrylic paint and painted over the letters again to make them visible.


This has become my favourite gift to make for friends who are getting married, or just as birthday or house warming gift. It’s practical with a personalised touch that makes it special.

The finished product: your own personalised doormat

What would you put on your personalised doormat?

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